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Our Talent

Dale Rich -- (Owner)

Dale Rich (Delvana) graduated from Syracuse University's School of Speech and Dramatic Art. She has written copy for a Manhattan film company, done voice-overs, contributed to Time-Life Books, and authored numerous published articles focused on her spiritual ramblings. Co-birthing CoolBeat in 2005, her fun is now finding new voice talent and authors. Her greatest kicks? Starting a Laughter Club in Santa Fe, NM, (while pursuing a Masters Degree) and creating in June of 2007.

Credits: The Land of the Blue Flower; Ask a Question About Meteorites (with Alex Panzer)





========== Voice Talents ==========

Stefen Anderson -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Stefen (Sven) Anderson when not editing for CoolBeat, is an on-air talent for FM radio station WCTQ. He spent many years taking acting and music lessons and after college, attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Stefen has acted in small films, and produced promotional, paid spots, and talk shows for radio. When he's not at the studio, he can be found canoeing, camping and playing disc golf around Florida.

Credits: Life Story of the Ringling Brothers

Editing Credits: Fifty Famous Stories Retold; Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates; Henry J. Heinz; Hints for Lovers; The Craig Strete Collection





Bob Barnes -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Bob Barnes began his radio career while a High School freshman, and continued it through a Master’s Degree at the renowned Syracuse University Radio-Television program. Bob has worked as a radio programmer/air personality in a number of markets in New York, Florida and Texas. He’s also done play-by-play sports, anchored television sports, and won numerous awards for radio & television commercial production. Along the way he also owned his own radio station and supervised all of the affiliated Metro Network markets east of the Mississippi. Bob continues to host a weekly interview program for stations in Florida and Texas, while also operating a business called On-Hold Company USA.

Credits: Abraham Lincoln





Alan Baum -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Alan Baum is a Florida native who currently sings Rock and Heavy Metal music and mesmerizes audiences as a stage hypnotist. Having earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida, and an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, he is adding audiobook narrator to his repertoire.

Credits: I, Vampire





Dianne Brin -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample We discovered Dianne Brin doing a variety of plays for the Asolo Playreaders here in Sarasota, FL. She comes to CoolBeat by way of a myriad of roles on the stage in California, Arizona, New York, Illinois (Chicago), and Florida. Commercials, TV , voice-overs, and audiobooks are in her very extensive resume. Most recently, she has appeared in a local production of The Vagina Monologues.

Credits: The Story of My Life; The Body Beautiful; Free Love





Joe Bullard -- (Voice Talent and featured author)

Voice Sample Joe Bullard is a native of Florida. He is a journalism graduate of the University of West Florida, and a former Public Information Director and Professor of a newspaper class at Lake City Community College. He spent 16 years speaking to witnesses and researching the life of Ed Leedskalnin. Joe has been a featured guest on several national radio programs including Coast to Coast AM, and has narrated a short, award winning, documentary about Coral Castle.

Credits: Waiting for Agnes

Authoring Credits: Waiting for Agnes





Stephen F. Clark -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample After hearing The Real Don Steele announcing on the radio in Southern California, Stephen F. Clark decided he wanted go inside that little sound box and rock along. Post Vietnam, he used his GI Bill to get the audio / video / production show on the road. After some 20 radio station gigs, as well as assorted ad agencies & TV stations (including "homeplate" cameraman for the San Diego Padres), Steve became an instructor and Director of Student Affairs at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, (CSB) in Tampa, Florida.

Credits: Spirits Verse; Geronimo, His Own Story; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 1





Richard Langdon Cook -- (Voice Talent and featured author)

Voice Sample Richard Langdon Cook, born and raised in England, has lived in Canada, Japan, South Africa, and now resides with his wife in Sarasota, Florida. Retired, he believes his best golf is still to come, is a passionate chef, travels widely, has written a book on weekend golfing, and, as a dedicated nudist, is an avid follower of the Weather Channel.

Credits: I'll Catch the Sun

Authoring Credits: I'll Catch the Sun





Jack Eddleman -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Jack Eddleman was a former Broadway actor, appearing in the late 1950's to early 1960's in seven Broadway shows, including the original Camelot and the revival of Carousel. He also directed and performed in the New York City Opera. A fixture in local Sarasota Florida theater, he recently played Richard Burbage in the CoolBeat audiobook "Willm-S". Sadly, Jack passed away on April 6th, 2011. Read his Obituary

Credits: Willm-S; War is a Racket





John Gillmore -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample John Gillmore is a west coast Florida native, living most of his life in the Tampa Bay Area. John became hooked on radio and television just as Lamont Cranston skulked into The Shadows and Milton Berle made a little round screen laugh out loud. Mel Blanc and Walter Lantz and all the animators and voices at the early Disney studios fired his imagination and challenged his terminal echolalia. A stint as a bass sideman in the early seventies helped shape a love for live performance. In the early eighties he read for the Radio Reading Service at WUSF. Long a listener and supporter of WMNF, and lover of Radio Theater, he volunteers broadcasting the Monday Morning News.

Credits: The Illiterate Digest

Editing Credits: The Illiterate Digest





Robin Gress MA, LPC -- (Voice Talent and featured author)

Voice Sample Descended from a long line of female healers, Robin Gress came to the healing arts path by way of working 16 years as the Chief of Staff for the California Assembly Minority Leader, and as a contract lobbyist for Sprint, Chevron, Alamo, and other corporate and non-profit clients. Earning a Masters degree in Counseling and becoming licensed as a psychotherapist, she taught and provided individual and group counseling in Santa Fe, NM. A deep spiritual longing lead her to study shamanic healing under the tutelage of Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman. Often internationally invited to give lectures and training on shamanism, she currently operates a private practice Sacred Shamanic Healing in Santa Fe, where she provides shamanic healing, psychotherapy, and counseling. Ms. Gress is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

Credits: A Shaman Speaks

Authoring Credits: A Shaman Speaks





Andrew Gwilliam -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Andrew Gwilliam was born in Manchester, England, but crossed the "Big Pond" in 1991. He had an easier landing than the pilgrims so decided to stay. Andrew works as a Sales Manager for a fireplace store in Sarasota, which means that if he can sell fireplaces in Florida, he can pretty much sell anything. Dale discovered Andrew entertaining the masses with voice impersonations at his store, and after many months of coaxing, he has joined our team.

Credits: When Knights were Bold





John Hill -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample John Hill began his television career in 1962, stringing for Dan Rather and CBS News in Oxford, Mississippi. After ending a tour in Viet Nam as a decorated helicopter pilot in 1968, John returned to television news casting, eventually ending up in 1976 at WPVI-TV 6, which at the time was the number one rated news station in the country. John then moved to Alabama, and later Wisconsin, where he became the number 1 weeknight anchor. On the side, John has worked as a volunteer fireman, retired from the Air National Guard after 38 years of service, and is working towards a PHD in Business. Now in Sarasota, Florida, he is an Anchor/Reporter for SNN Local News 6.

Credits: The Sub-conscious Speaks; An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill





Rev. Dorothy Ann Jackson -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Rev. Dorothy Ann Jackson and her husband have been co-ministers of Unity Church in Sarasota, Florida for two decades. She has been an educator, teacher and counselor in the public school systems in Virginia, North Carolina and Oklahoma and has also taught Art Appreciation at Inter-American University. Her gentle yet powerful demeanor and oratory skill has charmed many.

Credits: Fairy Tales from France; The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver





Wahoo Jacobs -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Wahoo Jacobs began life in New Jersey, worked briefly in radio, then settled on a career as an electrical field engineer and mechanical designer. But, in 1998, golf called with a capitol "G". He was a natural at the game, and now has a local TV show. Wahoo developed his own popular teaching style, called "Effortless Golf", which shows students that achieving a good golf swing is not as hard as they think. Our smooth, gentle, Mohawk Native American friend says: "I'm curious to see where the future will take me next!".

Credits: The Red One; George Washington





Peter Jahns -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample While pursuing studies in speech and acting, Peter Jahns did a current events program for the University of Connecticut campus radio station. In the Army, he hosted a program on the AFN in Munich, Germany. Back in the States, he focused on making radio his career because, "It paid more than having a Screen Actors Guild Card". Peter specialized in News and Talk programs on several radio stations in Florida, worked at WLS in Chicago (where he also recorded magazines for the blind), and hosted two News rooms in Albany NY. Returning to Sarasota, FL in 1972, he worked for 17 years as a local radio personality. Sadly, during the midst of recording "Hints for Lovers", after fighting a long illness; Peter passed away at his home on January 21st, 2008. Read his Obituary

Credits: Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death; The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants; Hints for Lovers (with Robert Mansell)





Deborah Kerr -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Deborah Kerr was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Sarasota, Florida ten years ago. She earned her A.A. in Theatre from Manatee Community College, where she performed in several plays, earning Delta Psi Omega awards. She earned her B.A. in English & American Literature from the University of South Florida. Deborah is the Performance Coordinator at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center, where she handles Box Office duties, as well as a little of everything else!

Credits: The Lotus Eaters; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 2





Shayna Lance -- (Voice Talent and featured author)

Voice Sample An honors graduate of the University of South Florida, Shayna Lance has been in the news game in Florida's top radio markets for the past 12 years. She began working with Tampa, FL, icons Hugh Smith and Pat Brooks, then went on to WOKV in Jacksonville, FL, where she won 8 Associated Press awards; including recognition in Breaking News, Investigative Journalism and Individual Achievement. For over 6 years, she was part of the currently top-rated AM News Talk station in Tampa, FL. Impassioned about her community, Shayna does hundreds of hours of volunteer work a year. Nearly every week-end, you can find her giving speeches to benefit the Hillsborough Guardian Ad Litem group and the Krew of Libertia (which benefit local underprivileged children).

Credits: 2009 Audie Finalist Sugar Pop Thoughts; How To Beat A Bad Breakup

Authoring Credits: Sugar Pop Thoughts; How To Beat A Bad Breakup





Nancy Lee -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Right out of college with a degree in drama and a minor in voice performance, Nancy Lee worked as a disco DJ in Columbia, SC (after all, it was 1975). After briefly doing the "hustle", she landed her first radio job as an on-air personality. Nancy has been in radio, in almost every capacity, for 30 years. She has her own morning show on WDDV AM radio, and also does voice-over work for TV, radio, and corporations. She is now happily adding audiobooks to her repertoire.

Credits: American Indian Stories; Old Indian Legends; The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone; The Firelight Fairy Book; Amazon; Sunny Bunny; Little Elephant Visits the Farm; The Dinky Ducklings





Lenny Lyons -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Lenny Lyons initially went to college to pursue a career in medicine. Discovering he had a natural talent in communication (and was not great in chemistry) he switched campuses, and graduated from the Specs-Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Detroit. First came radio gigs in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, all with too much snow, and too many call letters to mention. A former manager called and asked him down to snowless Sarasota to be Creative Service Director for six Clear Channel radio stations. Having done voice work for Disney, the WWE, Ringling Brothers, and more, Lenny is now doing commercial copywriting, voice overs, and production for a world-wide clientele via his very own company, Lyons Den Productions.

Credits: Babe Ruths Own Book of Baseball

Editing Credits: I'll Catch the Sun; Life Story of the Ringling Brothers; War is a Racket; The Story of Hiawatha





Skip Mahaffey -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Skip Mahaffey has been in broadcasting for over 25 years, having worked in FL, OH, CA, AZ, and OK. He is the first three time winner of the Country Music Award (CMA) for top broadcast personality, and a winner of the Billboard Magazine Air Personality of the Year award. Skip was a host of the NHL Tampa Bay Lightnings, and half-time host of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With humor, kindness, and zest, Skip's fund raising efforts have brought millions of dollars to local and national charities.

Credits: First Contact; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 3; The Nightmare; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 4; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 5; Life in the Slow Lane





Robert Mansell -- (Voice Talent and featured author)

Voice Sample Born in London, our Renaissance man, Robert Mansell, (besides being a talented composer, lyricist, and real estate developer) has appeared in numerous theatrical productions, including My Fair Lady, Hello Dolly, The Philadelphia Story, The Wizard of Oz, and HMS Pinafore. His own acclaimed creation 'Willm-S' (Shakespeare, that is) will soon be touring nationally. Robert Mansell recently performed an intriguing one-man show entitled 'One on One' in Sarasota, Florida.

Credits: Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates; Hints for Lovers (with Peter Jahns); Man with Wings

Editing Credits: Willm-S

Authoring Credits: Willm-S





Dan John Miller -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Dan John Miller is an actor, musician, and narrator, having lived his entire life in the Detroit, Michigan area. He has acted in numerous Hollywood movies, including George Clooney's "Leatherheads". In the Oscar winning Johnny Cash bio-pic, "Walk The Line", he played best friend Luther Perkins. Dan has written and directed several short films, as well as co-directed the music video "Hotel Yorba" by The White Stripes. He is a singer and songwriter for the internationally touring gothic country rock band Blanche. The band's album "If We Can't Trust the Doctors..." was recently ranked as #33, by esteemed British music magazine Uncut. Dan has also performed on the Grammy winning album "Van Lear Rose" by Loretta Lynn, as well as a Grammy nominated album by country music legend Charlie Louvin. In his first year of reading audiobooks, Dan garnered two Audie nominations. Audiofile magazine named him a Best Voice. He has received a Golden Earphones award, and he has been given the Listen Up! award by Publisher's Weekly.

Credits: The Story of Hiawatha





David Mitchell -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Born in Chicago, David Mitchell spent his next ten years in British ruled India. He later went to Oxford University, England, where he captained the University Boxing Club. David is an amateur artist, and has appeared in numerous amateur theatrical productions in the U.K., Chicago, and Detroit. He is now enjoying his retirement in Florida.

Credits: Henry J. Heinz; Louis Pasteur; Tales of Ancient Troy; The Adventures of Ulysses; Greek Gods, Heroes, and Men; My Inventions; The Triumph of an Idea; The Quiet People of India





John Mulligan -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample John Mulligan grew up in London, England and is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. John has done commercials, voice-overs, and has worked professionally in film and theatre in Ireland and the UK. He was a founding member and writer/actor/director for the UK Isosceles Theatre Company. Film credits include "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", "Michael", and "The Flying Dragon". John created the Washington Bureau of Irish Radio News (RTE) and worked for Independent Radio News (London). Now living in Florida, he co-Produced the independent movie "Vampire Biker Babes" and wrote/produced the films "Who’s Going to Write It?" and "The Blink of an Eye, the Beat of a Heart".

Credits: Alexander Graham Bell; The Story of Napoleon; Long Sunset





Rod Rawlings -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Rod Rawlings received his B.S. in Journalism for the University of Maryland. Currently wearing several hats, he works as a writer, host, and producer on local AM radio. He owns Action Team Real Estate, where he is also a broker and realtor. If that was not enough, he has been a private pilot, fund-raising consultant, and stage actor in community theater.

Credits: Declaration of Independence

Editing Credits: Declaration of Independence





Cliff Roles -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample From across the pond comes the tireless Cliff Roles, who juggles hosting a daily AM radio show Talk of the Sun Coast on WSRQ, hosting countless charity events, and acting in over a dozen local theatrical productions. In the 80's and 90's, Cliff was head of promotions for the German arm of Mercury Records, where he worked with such talent as Elton John, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, and Kiss.

Credits: Fifty Famous Stories Retold; First Light





Robert Ryan -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Robert (Bob) Ryan was born and raised in the part of D.C. where tourists never go - a land of soul food and Scrapple. He received his drama and speech training at the University of Maryland. While there he also performed stand-up comedy at local showcases. For the past 25 years, Bob has lived in the Sarasota, Florida area, where, among other misdemeanors, he acts in local community theaters. Notable roles have included Mitch in Streetcar Named Desire, Van Helsing in Dracula, Robert in Proof, and Boolie in Driving Miss Daisy. Bob took an early retirement to pursue writing, and review books for a local paper. Just completed is his first novel in a crime series which features a decidedly unconventional amateur sleuth named Guy Calhoun.

Credits: The Craig Strete Collection





Robert Shuster -- (Voice Talent and featured author)

Voice Sample Robert Shuster was born in Rensselaer, Indiana. After graduating from high school there, he graduated from the University of St. Francis in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He has acted in local theater, performed standup comedy, and orated his own poetry. Robert has played rugby for the Washington D.C. Irish, and the Sarasota FL Red Tide. Currently residing in Sarasota, Florida, he is the host of a classic punk/new wave/alternative radio show called Retrograde.

Credits: Sevenacide

Authoring Credits: I, Vampire; Sevenacide





Lesley Simons -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample From London, via Key West, to Tampa; Lesley Simons was discovered sitting outdoors conversing with her students. Her deep smoky voice stopped us in our tracks, and we asked her to join our talent team.

Credits: Tales of Ancient Egypt; Great Englishwomen; The Lost Giant and other American Indian Tales Retold





Dave Whaley -- (Voice Talent)

Voice Sample Dave Whaley, whom we have christened, the man with 1,000 voices, had a first career working with elephants in zoos and with the Ringling Brothers Circus. But being a thespian was always his ambition, so he attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Now, he pursues a career making audiobooks and hosting his own comedy PodCast.

Credits: KER-PLOP





========== Sound Editors ==========

Rick Blade -- (Sound Editor)

Rick Blade hails from Cleveland Ohio. A graduate of the Brown Institute of Broadcasting, he now resides in Florida, where he has acquired over 25 years of on-air radio broadcast and 5 years of television production experience. Rick owns RickBlade Voiceovers, and has voiced scores of radio and television commercials for local businesses and events, in addition to voicing numerous industrial narration projects.

Editing Credits: The Body Beautiful; Waiting for Agnes; My Inventions; Amazon





Marco Fleener -- (Sound Editor)

Originally from Venezuela, Marco Fleener has pretty much forgotten all of his Spanish. He came to Sarasota, Florida with his family in the early '80s, started playing guitar for a band called HCA, and later received an A.S. Degree in Radiologic Technology. Loving the noise of this world, Marco also received an A.A. Degree in Specialized Audio Engineering from Full Sail University, and an Avid Certification on Digidesign Pro-Tools.

Editing Credits: Alexander Graham Bell; Tales of Ancient Egypt; The Quiet People of India; How To Beat A Bad Breakup; Great Englishwomen; Free Love; The Dinky Ducklings; Babe Ruths Own Book of Baseball; An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill; Life in the Slow Lane; Long Sunset





Joel Nicholas -- (Sound Editor)

Joel Nicholas lived in the Sarasota, Florida area for most of his life. He worked in radio for Clear Channel Communications, and he learned his trade at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. A prolific CoolBeat editor, sadly Joel passed away on December 10th, 2011. Read his Obituary

Editing Credits: The New Wizard of the West; American Indian Stories; Old Indian Legends; The Story of John Paul Jones; The Story of My Life; The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone; George Washington; Louis Pasteur; When Knights were Bold; The Firelight Fairy Book; Tales of Ancient Troy; The Adventures of Ulysses; First Light; 2009 Audie Finalist Sugar Pop Thoughts; Abraham Lincoln; The Triumph of an Idea; The Sub-conscious Speaks; Ask a Question About Meteorites; Sunny Bunny; I, Vampire; Little Elephant Visits the Farm; The Lotus Eaters; First Contact; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 2; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 3; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 4; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 5; Sevenacide; The Story of Napoleon; The Lost Giant and other American Indian Tales Retold





Alex Panzer -- (Sound Editor)

Alex Panzer hails from Silicon Valley, and assisted with the technical side of CoolBeat.

Editing Credits: Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death; The Land of the Blue Flower; The Red One; Fairy Tales from France; The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants

Voicing Contributions: The New Wizard of the West; The Story of John Paul Jones; Ask a Question About Meteorites (with Dale Rich)





========== Illustrators ==========

Tim Dawson -- (Illustrator)

Tim Dawson's artwork is currently exhibited in galleries in West Virginia, Georgia, New Mexico, and Florida. A self-taught artist, he has lived and traveled throughout the United States. His specialties include watercolor, acrylics, pottery, faux finishing, and murals.

Artistic Credits: First Light





Frances Smith -- (Illustrator)

Frances Smith is a realist artist, trained at the Boston Museum of Art school and the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. For three years she was the artist in residence at Circus World in Orlando, Florida. Frances is active in creating public art projects and frequently is a guest instructor, often bringing her pet lizards to class. Recently she has been specializing in painting artwork onto furniture and enhancing walls with murals. Got a surface? She can fill it beautifully!

Artistic Credits: Old Indian Legends; The Craig Strete Collection; The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver; Life Story of the Ringling Brothers





Kristen Miller -- (Illustrator)

Graphics designer Kristen (Tuttle) Miller is a graduate of the University of Florida (BA in Design and Photography), with additional training from the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Our 'Miracle Worker' owns the multi-media company Panther Graphics Art, and has received numerous design awards in photography, book design, and poster art (for Anheuser Busch), as well as having worked as a creative director for several magazines nationally.

Artistic Credits: The Red One; 2010 Audie Finalist The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants; The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone; Fifty Famous Stories Retold; When Knights were Bold; The Firelight Fairy Book; Man with Wings; My Inventions; The Triumph of an Idea; The Sub-conscious Speaks; Ask a Question About Meteorites; Tales of Ancient Egypt; How To Beat A Bad Breakup; The Story of Napoleon; Great Englishwomen; Life in the Slow Lane





Virginia Vaalko -- (Illustrator)

Virginia Vaalko, a part Osage Native American, was trained in art at the Royal Academy in London, and worked in the Hollywood Film and TV industry in special effects for twenty years. Her credits include such movies as Beast Master, Conan the Barbarian, Ghost Busters, Independence Day, Universal Soldier, and several of the Star Trek projects. This surfboarding gypsy-traveler is now hanging out in Florida, selling Magic:The Gathering cards and expanding her Reading Castle learn-to-read website.

Artistic Credits: American Indian Stories




CoolBeat is always reviewing new Voice Talent. Please submit a brief recording of your voice while reading some straight narration, and some dialog between different characters. Please note that submissions will not be returned.