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The Story of Hiawatha
by: E. Norris

Read by: Dan John Miller -- Time: 1 hour 04 minutes

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By the shining Big-Sea-Water, lived the hero Hiawatha;
Swift and strong and very wise he, friend to everything in nature.

[Children - epic poetry] Originally published 1906.

Edited by: Lenny Lyons

Written for children, this introduction to "The Song of Hiawatha" includes many of the trochee metrical stanzas from the poem. Longfellow weaved several Ojibwa Indian words and myths into his narrative, producing a compelling, sentimental, 'noble savage' imagery for his invented hero, which continues to inspire romantic artists and musicians.


The Story of Hiawatha
The Gift of Corn
Hiawatha's Canoe
At Home
Picture Writing
The Famine
The White Man
Hiawatha's Departure

About the author:

E. Norris was an editor working for the Educational Publishing Company, who was tasked with adapting the popular Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem, The Song of Hiawatha, for the use of elementary schools.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-68-2

Audience = Children 6-10
Fiction Subject = Epic Poetry
DDC = 811 (Literature / American literature in English / Poetry)
BISAC = JUV057000 (JUVENILE FICTION / Stories in Verse)

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