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Declaration of Independence
by: The thirteen united States of America

Read by: Rod Rawlings -- Time: 15 minutes

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Resentful of their government's abuses and usurpations, thirteen colonies unitedly declared their right to become independent States.

[Adult (non-fiction) - diplomacy] Originally published July 4th, 1776.

Edited by: Rod Rawlings

The Declaration of Independence codified beliefs held in common by thirteen British-American colonies. These beliefs included the assertion that it is "the duty" of the people to terminate an abusive government. That obstructions should not be placed against the lawful migration and naturalization of foreigners. That military intervention should never supersede local civil authority. And that civilians, regardless of the allegations against them, should never be held or tried outside of their regional civilian court system.


Declaration of Independence

About the author:

Penned primarily by Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence from the British Crown was unanimously signed by a congress of representatives from 13 British-American colonies.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-67-5

Audience = Adult 16+
Non-Fiction Subject = Diplomacy
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