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The Quiet People of India ~ A Unique Record of the Final Years of the British Raj
by: Norval Mitchell

Read by his son: David Mitchell -- Time: 12 hours 6 minutes

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A unique record of the last seventeen years of the British Raj, as seen through the eyes of a young officer of the Indian Political Service.

[Adult (non-fiction) - memoir] Originally published 2006

Edited by: Marco Fleener

Taken from Norval Mitchell's own original memoir, written in 1975, his son, David, carefully edited the work to produce an account of a man for whom improving the lot of the masses, those quiet people of India, met with ever-increasing frustration by the 'dead hand' of British and Indian bureaucracy.


13 Chapters
Editor's Postscript

About the author:

Norval Mitchell (born December 18, 1906, died 1988), joined the Indian Civil Service in 1930, transferring to the Political Service in 1934. The nature of this service meant that his time thenceforth was spent in places that few have heard of, doing work that received little publicity. During his time on the Northwest Frontier he acquired deep insights into the character of the fiercely independent tribesmen who have played a major role in the events of Afghanistan in recent years.

In 1942-43, as Political Agent in the Orissa States, he was responsible for suppressing a rebellion inspired by the Congress Party. His energy, ingenuity, and understanding of the common people enabled him to quell the violence with minimal armed force and with almost no loss of life. For this feat, he was awarded the "Order of the British Empire".

Norval's efforts were always directed towards building the infrastructure of medical, educational, and other services to enable the aboriginals and the poor to improve their lot. He left India in 1947, with India's independence, and his regret at the limited achievement of these goals.


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