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First Contact
by: Murray Leinster

Read by: Skip Mahaffey -- Time: 1 hour 33 minutes

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A dilemma in the Nebula! Two spaceships meet in deep space. How do they establish trust, not only between their two crews, but also between their home worlds?

[Adult - science fiction] Originally published 1945.

Edited by: Joel Nicholas

A classic puzzle. The only way to warn home would be to return, and how do you know you were not being followed? Trade would be desirable, but how can you base an exchange of knowledge on unfounded trust? What then is the solution to this stalemate of technological equals, other than to utterly destroy the alien ship, who's defensive capabilities are unknown?


5 Parts

About the author:

Murray Leinster was born June 16th, 1896 in Norfolk, Virginia, and died June 8th, 1975. During his prolific life he wrote over 1,500 short stories and articles in several vastly different genres, as well as 14 movie scripts and hundreds of radio and television plays. Murray served as a propagandist on the Committee of Public Information during WW1, and in the Office of War Information during WW2. For his Science Fiction, he won the Hugo Award for his 1956 story Exploration Team, and his story First Contact contains one of the first descriptions of a "Universal Translator".


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ISBN 978-1-937880-49-1

Audience = Adult 16+
Fiction Subject = Science Fiction
(Classic science fiction)
DDC = 813 (Literature / American literature in English / Fiction)
BISAC = FIC028000 (FICTION / Science Fiction / General)

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