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The Lotus Eaters
by: Stanley G. Weinbaum

Read by: Deborah Kerr -- Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

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A Venusian honeymoon could quickly end in disaster, when the newlyweds are attacked by savage night dwellers and catatonia inducing spores.

[Adult - science fiction] Originally published 1935.

Edited by: Joel Nicholas

English biologist Patricia Hammond with her new American husband Hamilton "Ham" Hammond, decide to explore the dark side of Venus to collect plant specimens. But what they find is a specimen far beyond their expectations, and it forces them to re-evaluate what it means to be "intelligent".


The Lotus Eaters

About the author:

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 4th, 1902. He died on December 14th, 1935. In his brief life, he wrote several pioneering scientifically plausible science fiction stories, including the famous genre changing A Martian Odyssey, which influenced many later science fiction authors. A crater on Mars has been named in his honor. A film version of his short story The Adaptive Ultimate was released in 1957 under the title She Devil.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-48-4

Audience = Adult 16+
Fiction Subject = Science Fiction
(Classic science fiction)
DDC = 813 (Literature / American literature in English / Fiction)
BISAC = FIC028010 (FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure)

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