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Amazon ~ A Novel
by: Barbara G. Walker

Read by: Nancy Lee -- Time: 7 hours 16 minutes

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What would happen if an ancient Amazon warrior was catapulted into modern America? Follow Antiope as she struggles to understand modern patriarchal society, and help the women she encounters regain their matriarchal heritage.

[Adult - feminist satire] Originally published 1992

Edited by: Rick Blade

The author, an expert on Pre-Indo-European neolithic matriarchies, uses the story as a vehicle to comment on women's role in modern society. Amusing, satirical, and with a star-crossed romance as well, the story suggests how women in modern society have been devalued, and offers visions of how women could again embrace their powerful female identity.


16 Chapters

About our author:

Barbara G. Walker, born July 2, 1930, is a Feminist and author of over 22 books on a variety of subjects. Beginning with a degree in journalism from the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Walker's career has seen her being named "Humanist Heroine" by the American Humanist Association, and receiving the "Women Making Herstory" award by New Jersey NOW. Barbara has written several scholarly works about women including: "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets", "The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power", "Women's Rituals: a Sourcebook", and "Restoring the Goddess: Equal Rites for Modern Women". She has designed and painted her own Tarot and I Ching decks, re-interpreted fairy tales in her popular "Feminist Fairy Tales", and authored several landmark volumes of comprehensive knitting references, including the classic "Treasury of Knitting Patterns". A former student (and teacher) of the Martha Graham technique of dance, Barbara's other interests include astronomy, gemstones, horses, and work on compiling her on-going lectures.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-41-5

Audience = Adult 16+
Fiction Subject = Feminist Satire
DDC = 817 (Literature / American literature in English / Satire & humor)
BISAC = FIC009010 (FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary)

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