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The Triumph of an Idea ~ The Story of Henry Ford
by: Ralph H. Graves

Read by: David Mitchell -- Time: 5 hours 35 minutes

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The story of a mechanically inclined farm boy, who turned the automobile from a toy for the wealthy, into a necessity for modern life.

[Adult (non-fiction) - biography] Originally published 1934

Edited by: Joel Nicholas
Cover by: Kristen Tuttle

This biography approaches the story of Henry Ford in the context of his world. For example, existing roads were as much a factor on cars, as the car was on the advance of roads. The farmer would not risk his livelihood on a Ford internal combustion tractor, until the engine proved itself in his Sunday car. And the public held suspicion of mass production, until Ford showed it could provide value, quality, and good wages.


  1. A Lone Pioneer
  2. The Beginning of an Industry
  3. Performance and Profits
  4. The "Universal Car," Model T
  5. Wartimes and Afterward
  6. The Rebuilding of an Industry
  7. A "Universal Car" Again: The V-8
  8. Dearborn, the Wonder Town

About the author:

Ralph Henry Graves, born 1878, wrote mostly short biographies for magazines. This longer biography is his most famous work.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-40-8

Audience = Adult 16+
Non-Fiction Subject = Biography
(Biography: business and industry)
DDC = 920 (History, geography, and biography / Biography, genealogy, insignia)

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