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I'll Catch the Sun ~ Memoirs and Musings of a Nudist
by: Richard Langdon Cook

Read by the author: Richard Langdon Cook -- Time: 5 hours 40 minutes
(Includes a radio interview with Mary Cook)

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An entertaining listen about 'life', written by a well-traveled man who simply prefers to be 'Outside' his clothes rather than 'In' them.

[Adult (non-fiction) - leisure] A New Edition for CoolBeat.

Edited by: Lenny Lyons

This is an audiobook for anyone who loves the sun and the joys of 'skinny dipping', or who wants to. Travel with Richard on a global journey, sharing his nude experiences in the Mediterranian, Japan, Hawaii, South Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States. Woven between amusing anecdotes about the nudist lifestyle, are thoughts on Celebrating Nudism, Finding a Mate, Japanese Bath House Etiquette, Cooking in the Nude, Culinary Delights, and Nude Cruises.


About our author:

Richard Langdon Cook, born and raised in England, has lived in Canada, Japan, South Africa, and now resides with his wife, Mary, in Sarasota, Florida. Retired, he believes his best golf is still to come, is a passionate chef, travels widely, writes, and, as a dedicated nudist, is an avid follower of the Weather Channel.

CoolBeat: Richard, what compelled you to write your nudist memoirs in your book "I'll Catch the Sun"?

Richard: Ever since I left England for military service in Cyprus I have loved being out in the sun. A vacation in Hawaii, over thirty years ago, gave me my first truly nude experience and my career took me to many wonderful places where I enjoyed being nude on beaches, at resorts, spas, and hot springs. I thought it would be rewarding to recall these times, to share some amusing anecdotes, offer some ideas on life, and hopefully present nudism for the delightful life style it is. Unfortunately, there are many who are deeply suspicious of nudism, and are critical of those who practice it. I hope I have made a few converts.

CoolBeat: Picking up on that thought, would you like to give us your philosophy on nudism, and how do you respond to people who say that nudists only do what they do because they are sexually motivated?

Richard: Well, of course, that's absolute nonsense. The folk who criticize nudism are like those who condemn a movie they've never seen, disregard a book they've never read, and are totally negative about food they've never tasted. What people don't seem to understand is that the nudist environment is in fact an a-sexual one. If a topless young lady, in a thong, appears at the poolside bar, I guarantee she will get far more attention than all those naked people around her. In all the years I've been a nudist, I've never seen anyone behave inappropriately, and I can't say the same thing for what nudists call the 'textile' community. If folk want to behave in a sexual way, they will do so with or without clothes.

As for my philosophy, it's very simple. Being naked on a warm day, with the glorious feeling of sun and maybe a breeze on the body, is a heavenly feeling. To walk naked along a beach, to hike on a mountain path, or just to potter around my kitchen at home gives me a wonderful sense of freedom. I relax. It's a different dimension. Incidentally, I can't understand how men can wear those dreadful, heavy swimsuits that droop below knee level, and hold gallons of water every time their owner takes a dip in the ocean or pool. Ghastly! When I take off for one of my favorite spots to spend a day relaxing in the pools, hot tubs and maybe have a massage, I go home so relaxed and feeling like I've had a short vacation. I love it. I'm convinced that if more people gave nudism just one try, they would wonder why they had never tried it before.

CoolBeat: How would you respond to the common saying that "nudism is for people with beautiful bodies"?

Richard: If that was the case, there would be very few nudists, believe me. Most nudists have more bony backsides and blemishes than you can shake a stick at. Certainly, there are nudists who are very easy on the eye, but they are in the minority. Nudists are, in the main, proud of their bodies, in whatever shape, and just enjoy being who they are. I like to think the only difference between nudists and textiles, is that nudists would rather be 'outside' their clothes than 'in' them.

CoolBeat: During your travels around the world, you must have come across a couple of favorite locations for being 'au naturel'. Where would you like to go back to?

Richard: I loved the day a young fisherman in Phuket, Thailand took me to the beaches of small islands where I could build sand castles, run, jump, or stand on my head if I wanted to. Over a fire, he cooked prawns and calamari for lunch. A wonderful day I'll never forget. I do hope he survived the tsunami that devastated the area in 2004. He was a fine man. Perhaps, my next would be the mountain in Piquetberg, in South Africa's Western Cape. From the top on a clear day, it was possible to see across the plains to Table Mountain. What a joy it was to be naked in a place where only baboons and dassies came to play. The water in the dam was heavenly.

CoolBeat: Have you ever had an embarrassing experience when being nude?

Richard: Well, I guess there was one occasion, and I did tell about it in the audiobook. On my way to South Africa, there was a layover in the Seychelles, so, one morning I went for walk along a beach and thought I'd swim out to a rock about fifty yards off shore and have a sunbathe. I'd no idea there was a school behind the palm trees lining the beach. When I stood to put my shorts back on, I saw pandemonium on the beach as kids were running up and down waving their arms in great excitement. Three nuns were pointing in my direction and two policemen were blowing their whistles and demanding I return to the beach post haste. They whisked me off in a Jeep to the courtroom in Mahe, where a special hearing was called by the local judge. To cut a long story short, I was fined five hundred rupees for "disturbing the peace of the island". I'm more careful these days, as you never know what's lurking behind a tree!

CoolBeat: How do your children handle you being a nudist? You have grown-up children I believe. Do they think its odd behavior but accept it because you're their Dad?

Richard: Well, my daughters, who are in their forties now, think its great. We shared the pleasure when we were together in Hawaii many years ago. Quite recently they were both here in Florida and we went to our spa, north of Tampa. We had a great time. It was just like the good old days! As for my boys, now in their twenties, they came with me once to Rock Lodge in New Jersey when they were much younger. Although they had a good time, they never went back. They're very comfortable with it all, but have a hard time imagining doing the same with their girl friends and others. That's fine, and I have a feeling that they'll eventually think it's a pretty cool thing to do.

CoolBeat: Where do you and your wife go in Florida?

Richard: My great wish is that, one of these days, there will be a beach area for nudism in Sarasota County. We have miles of wonderful sand and it would make all kinds of sense to have a few hundred yards set aside for people who want to be as nature intended. If people don't like the idea they can just walk on by. One day, perhaps, but in the meantime we head north to Caliente - a beautiful resort ten miles or so north of Tampa. There are restaurants, pools, an impressive waterfall, tennis courts, volleyball, a very fine spa for facial treatments, massage and so on. There's also a huge lake with a fountain. Sometimes we take out one of their rowing boats, but it pays to stay aboard as there are alligators patrolling the area! There's no pitch and putt for the golfers however (I have been a golf addict all my life and one day I'd like to play a cool 18 holes in the nude as I'm sure it would improve my swing. It may come to pass one day. Hey! You never know).

We might also drop in on Paradise Lakes, or Lake Como - both in Pasco County, and if we're happy with a longer drive there's a very fine spot in Kissammee.


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