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Waiting for Agnes ~ Inspired by the true story of Coral Castle
by: Joe Bullard

Read by the author: Joe Bullard -- Time: 12 hours 7 minutes

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A semi-biographical story of Ed Leedskalnin, the magnetism researcher and single-handed sculptor of the mysterious 'Coral Castle' in Florida. Ed claimed that he knew "the secret of the Great Pyramid".

[Adult - biographical fiction] Originally published 2004.

Edited by: Rick Blade

People are amazed how Coral Castle, made from 1,100 tons of massive, jagged coral stone, could be constructed by one lone man, using only crude hand tools. The average weight of the stones used in the construction of Coral Castle are greater than those used in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Additionally, several of the stones used are taller than those found at Stonehenge in England. Even more amazing is that many of the huge stones are sculpted into the form of rocking chairs and doors, balanced to such a precise degree, that even a small child can pivot them.

Ed was interested in observational astronomy, and built entirely from coral, a telescope and a self-correcting sundial. He was also an innovator and magnetism researcher. His magnetism experiments resulted in the invention of an incredibly simple, yet extremely efficient, magnetic current generator, that was able to provide all of his energy needs for free. Listen to the enhanced bizarre story of this most unusual man and his fantastic creations.


Authors Note
13 Chapters

About our author:

Joe Bullard, born 1951, is a native of Florida. He is a journalism graduate of the University of West Florida, and a former Professor of a newspaper class at Lake City Community College where he also served as Public Information Director. He spent 16 years speaking to witnesses and researching the life of Ed Leedskalnin. Joe has been a featured guest on several national radio programs, and has narrated a short, award winning, documentary video about Coral Castle.

CoolBeat: What first got you interested in 'Coral Castle', and how many years have you put into "Waiting for Agnes"?

Joe: I watched an old television episode of Leonard Nimoy's "In Search of..." in 1984. I then drove to Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, took a tour, and then immersed myself totally in search of interviewing people who had known Ed Leedskalnin, the enigmatic builder of Coral Castle. I spent 16 years researching and writing "Waiting for Agnes".

CoolBeat: Tell us about the award-winning documentary on Coral Castle that you narrated.

Joe: In 2004, Bill Newman and I shot a short, factual, documentary film on Coral Castle, and entered the film in a contest for new writers at Universal Studios, Orlando. We won first place in the Documentary category. We then posted the 10 minute documentary, titled, "Mystery at Coral Castle" on YouTube.

CoolBeat: What was the result of your being on "Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory"? How did he hear about your book?

Joe: Also in 2004, I was contacted by the radio producer for the Los Angeles based radio program "Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory". The show's producer told me that used copies of my hardback book were selling on Amazon for $500 a copy and she asks me why. I told her I thought it was a pricing error, and she informed me then that two copies had indeed been sold for that amount. I was shocked to discover this and that is when she invited me to do the show. I've made four appearances since that first show in 2004. "Coast to Coast AM" has 20 million international listeners (its a lot like the old "The Twilight Zone" TV show for radio) so this program has made Coral Castle known around the world.

CoolBeat: What future plans are in the works for "Waiting for Agnes"? I heard something about a screen play.

Joe: After doing the first "Coast to Coast AM" program I was approached by a Hollywood producer and invited to write a screenplay based on my book "Waiting for Agnes". I spent two years writing the screenplay, which is now under consideration for future production by a major Hollywood film studio.


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