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Abraham Lincoln
by: Calista McCabe Courtenay

Read by: Bob Barnes -- Time: 2 hours 33 minutes

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Listen to the fascinating life of "Honest Abe", Abraham Lincoln. A great resource for school reports.

[Junior (non-fiction) - biography] Originally published 1917.

Edited by: Joel Nicholas

This biography traces the life of the 16th American president, Abraham Lincoln, from his early life on the frontier to his tragic assassination, with special emphasis on the events surrounding the American Civil War.


  1. Birth of Abraham Lincoln and First Years in Kentucky - Removal to Indianna - Death of His Mother - Early Struggles for an Education - Removal to Illinois.
  2. Lincoln Beginning Life in Illinois - Impressed by a Negro Slave Auction in New Orleans - In Politics - His Defeat and Later Election to the Legislature - Made Postmaster of New Salem - Settling in Springfield - Practising Law - Lincoln Married.
  3. Lincoln Elected to Congress - Becomes Leader of New Republican Party - His Opposition to Slavery - His Debates with Stephen A. Douglas - Nominated for Senator and Defeated.
  4. Lincoln Nominated for President - His Election - Southern States Secede from the Union - "Confederate States of America" Formed - Trouble with the South on the Slavery Question.
  5. Lincoln Bids Farewell to Springfield - His Journey to Washington - His Inauguration - Bombardment of Fort Sumter by the Confederates - The Beginning of the Civil War - The Call to Arms.
  6. Battle of Bull Run - General Grant's Victories in Tennessee and Mississippi - Battle between the "Merrimac" and the "Monitor" - Battle of Antietam - Emancipation Proclamation - Battle of Gettysburg - Grant Made Lieutenant-General - Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg.
  7. Lincoln's Second Presidential Campaign - His Re-election and Inauguration - General Sherman's March through Georgia - The Surrender of General Lee - End of the Civil War - Lincoln Assassinated - Funeral Ceremonies.

About the author:

Calista McCabe Courtenay wrote several patriotic adolescent biographies during the Great War, including Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Christopher Columbus.


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ISBN 978-1-937880-34-7

Audience = Junior 11-15
Non-Fiction Subject = Biography
(Warfare, battles, armed forces)
DDC = 920 (History, geography, and biography / Biography, genealogy, insignia)
BISAC = JNF007070 (JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Political)

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