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The Illiterate Digest
by: Will Rogers

Read by: John Gillmore -- Time: 5 hours 56 minutes

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A self-selected collection of classic satire from the renowned Native American humorist Will Rogers.

[Adult - satire] Originally published 1923.

Edited by: John Gillmore

The Illiterate Digest, although poking clean fun at politicians and absurdity from a century ago, may at first listen appear to be satires written about last weeks news.


  1. Breaking Into the Writing Game
  2. Settling the Corset Problem of This Country
  3. How to Tell a Butler, And Other Etiquette
  4. Defending My Soup Plate Position
  5. Helping the Girls With Their Income Taxes
  6. The Greatest Document in American Literature
  7. Prospectus for "The Remodeled Chewing Gum Corporation"
  8. Inside Stuff on the Total Eclipse
  9. It's Time Somebody Said a Word for California
  10. Promoting the Oceanless One-Piece Suit
  11. Warning to Jokers: Lay Off the Prince
  12. Spring Is Here, With Poems and Bath Tubs
  13. My Ford and Other Political Self-Starters
  14. Wilson Could Laugh at a Joke on Himself
  15. A Job With the James Family
  16. Let's Treat Our Presidents Like Human Beings
  17. What With Fruit Juice and Consomme, It Was a Wild Party
  18. What We Need Is More Fred Stones
  19. One Oil Lawyer Per Barrel
  20. Another Confession in the Oil Scandal
  21. The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth
  22. Well, Who Is Prunes?
  23. Politics Getting Ready to Jell
  24. Two Long-Lost Friends Found at Last
  25. They Nominated Everybody But The Four Horsemen
  26. In the Midst of a 7-Year Hitch
  27. "Will Rogers, Jr." Reports the Convention For His Father, Worn Out By Long Service
  28. Roping A Critic
  29. "The World Tomorrow," After the Manner of Great Journalists
  30. Settling the Affairs of the World in My Own Way
  31. A Skinny Dakota Kid Who Made Good
  32. Taking the Cure, By the Shores of Cat Creek

About the author:

William Penn Adair Rogers was a Native American of Cherokee descent. Born near Oologah, Oklahoma in 1879, he died in a private plane crash near Barrow, Alaska, in 1935, along with fellow Oklahoman, and record setting aviator, Wiley Post. His mother was the daughter of a Cherokee Chief, and his father, a Cherokee senator and judge. Early in life, Will became interested in horseback riding and roping, becoming so proficient with the lariat that he was listed in the Guinnes Book of World Records for throwing three ropes at once - one around the neck of a horse, another around the horse's rider, and a third around all four legs of the horse.

Will moved first to Argentina, where he attempted to operate a ranch, and later to South Africa, where he worked as a horse breaker for the British Army. Acquiring an interest in showmanship, he became a trick roper in a traveling circus in Australia (ultimately, Will would travel around the world three times). While in New York, Will became a vaudeville performer, working as a lasso twirler and comedian. He became so popular, that he was hired to perform in the Ziegfeld Follies.

Rogers began starring in films, moved to California, and eventually starred in 70 movies. He took up writing newspaper columns, and quickly became recognized as being a very informed and smart philosopher and political satirist. Will also became a radio superstar, gave numerous after-dinner speehes, held numerous charitable benefits, became the toast of high society, and once even ran as a liberal candidate for US President. His accidental death was mourned by millions, and he is honored with a statue facing the door of the Senate chambers, inside the US capitol (so he can "keep an eye on Congress"). It is said that Presidents rub the statues left shoe for luck, before giving their "State of the Union" address.


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Fiction Subject = Satire
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