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Spirits Verse
by: George Douglas "Coach" MacArthur

Read by: Stephen F. Clark -- Time: 1 hour 56 minutes

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Dedicated to the Spirit within us all. These rhyming verses are intended to entertain, enlighten, and inspire.

[Adult - inspirational poetry] Originally published 2006.

Edited by: Johnny Vadala

These verses are inspired from the heart, and contain thoughts of the spirit, affirmations, and prayers.


150 Rhyming Verses
~ (Randomly Play for Daily Inspiration)

About our author:

George Douglas "Coach" MacArthur teaches elementary physical education in Vero Beach, Florida. He enjoys working in his flower garden, and walking the beaches in his hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida.

CoolBeat: What inspired you to write Spirits Verse, and how long was it in the making? From where do your words come, do you think?

Coach: I started writing Spirits Verse after my home was leveled in Hurricane Jeanne in September of 2004. At that time I started to re-explore my spirituality. I moved from my ocean front home to a small FEMA trailer in a rundown trailer park. I had bathroom a kitchen, a tiny bedroom, and after I tore out the couch, a desk and I started to write. I started writing in the winter of 2005 and sent the final copy to the publisher in June of 2006. I have come to believe these psalms come from a higher source.

CoolBeat: Do you put forth any particular religion in your book? Are you trying to put forth one belief system in particular?

Coach: No, I do not espouse to any particular religion, I believe the Universal Spirit exists in each and every one of us. Religions, from my view, tend to be social systems organized to guide, sometime they succeed, sometimes they do not depending who runs them and depending how they are organized. I must say most religious leaders are very conscientious and well meaning. But it is the individual that ultimately must find God, through his own path and journey. I have attended both Christian and non-Christian services and found them both enlightening.

CoolBeat: Tell us about some of the pluses and minuses of self-publishing your soft-cover book.

Coach: I am sure it would have be nice to have had a big publishing house behind me. Distribution is the biggest problem. With a big company, all that is taken care of. It continues to be a struggle getting the major bookstores to carry the book. Ask me that question in a year, I may have a better answer.

CoolBeat: Tell us about your new book, "Spirits BibleVerse".

Coach: Spirits BibleVerse was started in September of 2006, and I think I can say the book is done. Of course, I keep adding, revising and editing. By using the Bible and verse I try to show that Biblical thought and New Thought are the same. Of course that is all in the interpretation, there will always be those that see the light a little differently.

CoolBeat: What are your feelings when you hear someone read your words?

Coach: I am honored that you would record my message.

CoolBeat: What response have you gotten from your students? Do they know 'Coach' is a poet?

Coach: In regards to my students, I would prefer to demonstrate my belief and faith. That is always what impresses children. With kids if you want their respect you have to walk the talk. My book is for adults who need to reacquire a child's faith.


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