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CoolBeat is a traditional publishing house that specializes in "audiobooks of a different beat". We do NOT provide vanity press or for-hire recording studio services. Persons seeking a showcase service should visit our imprint website is an elected member of the Audio Publishers Association. We have relationships with physical distributors such as Baker & Taylor,, and Findaway World, and downloadable distributors such as OverDrive, EBSCOhost, Catalist Digital, and Audible; so your audiobook is immediately available to bookstores, libraries, schools, and consumers worldwide.

Downloadable MP3 audiobooks are an excellent medium for authors to expand their exposure to the public, and a way for unpublished authors to catch-the-ear of print publishers. Our audiobooks are featured daily on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. According to the Audio Publishers Association:

Audiobook sales are estimated at over $1 billion.
Downloadable audiobooks grew to 21 percent of the market.
28 percent of Americans have listened to audiobooks in the past year.

CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing "wants to give you a voice". We are very interested in recording the unpublished submissions of authors in all genres, who have up-beat or off-beat material. Even if you have already published in print media, CoolBeat could republish your work as an audiobook (i.e. talkingbook, recordedbook, spokenbook, eAudiobook). The best candidates for audio books are concise books, college papers, articles, essays, and other manuscripts that transmit the authors intentions well when spoken aloud, and which do not include integral visual illustrations.

CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing, while reserving the right of making final decisions, takes into consideration the authors wishes in regards to audiobook production and promotion. To increase an audiobooks sales potential, we encourage authors, whom we have deemed to have a suitable quality voice and oratory skills, to read their own work.

We record using high-end professional grade audio equipment, and have an outstanding stable of award winning Voice Talent and Recording Technicians. CoolBeat only uses your manuscript to create our audiobook productions, YOU still maintain ownership of your authored material.

Come have fun creating with us. We welcome your manuscript submissions. Send them electronically (ODT or RTF formats preferred) to the email address on our contact page.

Note: Optionally you can mail us a physical copy. Unfortunately however, due to recent "Homeland Security" bans on self-addressed stamped return packages, submissions will no longer be returned.