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Are my purchases confidential?

Purchasing is a simple process (note that you must be an adult age 18 or older to make a purchase). When you click on "Download Now", you will be sent to a separate 100% secure server where the actual money transaction takes place.

First you will be asked for your country and postal code. Next you will be asked to choose your electronic payment method (US Dollars). Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, DC, and JCB are accepted, as well as PayPal. You will also be asked to provide a valid Name and Email Address (for verification purposes only). Finally you will be given an order receipt number and directed to the CoolBeat webpage where you can download your MP3 audiobook. To avoid possible problems; once you begin the order process on the secure server, please do not use the "back" button on your browser, or stop the transaction before reaching the "download" page! does not record any personal information, so it is very important that you write down your purchase order receipt number that you receive from our electronic payment facilitator (as that is the only way we can verify you have made a legitimate purchase). After 60 days all sales are considered final (regardless of whether you downloaded your file or not), so please download you file promptly.

Why are CoolBeat recordings so good?

The CoolBeat studio uses quality talent and high-end professional grade recording gear. Our newest recorder is a professional-grade Tascam HD-P2 digital recorder, custom enhanced by Oade Brothers Audio. We also have a large selection of quality microphones that we carefully match to our voice talent. Typically this would be a shockmounted Rode NTK tube microphone which we have had custom modified to use an outstanding hand selected vintage NOS Siemens vacuum tube. We use Sennheiser HD-600 audiophile headphones for monitoring our readers.

What is a Downloadable Audiobook?

An audiobook is a combination of ancient oral tradition and modern technology. CoolBeat audiobooks are contemporary books, recovered literature, and unpublished works, that are spoken aloud onto a recording, so you can enjoy them in your car, at the beach, at the gym, in the dark, or whenever/wherever reading would be impractical. Audiobooks are especially popular with teachers and students because, they don't just provide the word-for-word experience of reading a printed book, they also provide the authors intended delivery of those printed words.

Our CoolBeat audiobooks from this website are MP3 audio computer files that you download onto your computer from our server. We do NOT add audio degrading watermarks, Digital Rights Management technology, or personally identifying information to these files. Once you have downloaded (Saved-to-Disk) your file, you can copy it onto any device/media you may own for your personal listening pleasure (see our copyright statement for details). CoolBeat audiobooks are of the standards expected from a proud member of the prestigious Audio Publishers Association.

What is an MP3 file?

CoolBeat master recordings are high-fidelity 44.1KHz 16-bit (1,411.2Kbps, PCM) monophonic (or occasionally stereo) WAV files. Unfortunately the WAV audio format produces files that are quite large (about 650Mb for a 70 minute audio CD), so we needed to compress the files to make downloading practical. We have chosen to offer both higher quality 'segmented' MP3 (44.1Khz, 192Kbps, MPEG 1 Layer III, compression~8:1) and faster downloading 'contiguous' MP3 (44.1Khz, 96Kbps, MPEG 1 Layer III, compression~16:1) files as the audio formats for distributing our audiobooks. These MP3 formats are a good compromises between file size and sonic quality, and our MP3 bitrates are compatible with nearly every MP3 music player (such as the popular iPod and PocketDISH players). And for the occasional dial-up user, we also offer heavily compressed 'contiguous' MP3 (22.05Khz, 32Kbps, MPEG 2 Layer III, compression~24:1) files, although we strongly discourage their use. All MP3 files are tagged with ID3v2.3 labels. More information about MP3 can be found on the Internet in places such as the "Howstuffworks" website.

Caution: Please verify that you have sufficient free storage space and sufficient time to download, before making your audiobook purchase. Note that many of our audiobooks are also available in alternative formats.

How long does it take to create a finished audiobook recording?

CoolBeat has been blessed with a very productive team of professionals. Typically our Voice Talent will have been in the studio recording for at least 3.5 hours to produce every 1 hour of finished audiobook length (a single-spaced typewritten page of text equates to slightly over three minutes of clean audio). In order to avoid over stressing our talents voices, each recording session will typically last no more than about 2.5 hours.

Editing the raw recording is the longest and most demanding processes. At the very least, the Sound Editor will have to listen to the entire length of all raw recorded material plus the final edit. Typically the editing process will take five times as long as the entire raw recording length (and has often taken far longer).

Inevitably the Sound Editor will find some mistake in the raw recording that needs to be re-recorded. About two weeks after the final recording session, the Voice Talent will usually have to come back into the studio for about an hour to re-record various paragraphs. The Sound Editor will then insert these re-recordings, and make any final volume level or other adjustments to the CoolBeat audiobook.

What do you mean by: "This page is Lynx, JAWS, and WebTV friendly"?

Lynx is a Text Only Web Browser. This website does not rely on graphics to the extent that it limits accessibility by older Text Based computers, or to those who enjoy the speed of surfing the Web in Text Mode (either by using a Browser like Lynx, or by surfing with the graphics disabled).

APA surveys indicate that the typical audiobook listener is a frequent book reader who sees audiobooks as a way to "read" more while pursuing manual tasks or other lifestyle activities. As such, audiobooks have become very popular gifts for Fathers Day and Birthdays. Although the visually handicapped are only a very tiny percentage of the audiobook listenership, this website is compatible with JAWS, a popular Screen Reader for the visually handicapped.

WebTv (rebranded MSNTV) is a Web Browser that allows you to surf the Internet on your TV set. TV screens require a different formatting than for computer monitors, and this CoolBeat website has been optimized to appear correctly on a TV screen.

Please Note:

This website does NOT use Frames, Browser Cookies, ActiveX, Java, Flash, or Shockwave. If you receive a warning message about this website using any of these tools, it is a False Alarm, and you may possibly have malware, viruses, or other badware infecting your computer.